SPOTLIGHT: Paris Will Soon Brag World’s Largest Rooftop

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SPOTLIGHT: Paris Will Soon Brag World’s Largest Rooftop | Paris is about to land a world honor in the green roofing industry.


We’re all for a good green roof. In fact, at one time, Ecogardens boasted the world’s largest monitored rooftop right here in Chicago. But soon, the medal for largest green roof globally will pass to Paris.

Paris is known for many things.

Baguettes. Hunchbacks. Rats that can cook.

It will soon be known for something else: the world’s largest green roof.

According to Forbes, the city – which woke up to the benefits of green infrastructure decades ago and is a world leader in pledging to install greenspace – will shortly be home to a 150,000-square-foot rooftop oasis.

The Green Roof to Beat All Green Roofs


SPOTLIGHT: Paris Will Soon Brag World’s Largest Rooftop | The new green roof will include gardens for food, sitting and a restaurant.What do you do with a rooftop that big?

Why, you grow food on it, of course! The new urban garden “will grow more than 30 different species, be tended by 20 gardeners and it is hoped it will produce 1,000kg of fruit and vegetables every day in high season.”

The food will funnel toward a rooftop restaurant onsite, as well as go into community agriculture subscription boxes.

In defiance of many mega-operation rooftop farming practices, Agropolis (the company responsible for the roof) has chosen not to glass the farm in. Instead, it will grow its produce in the open air, growing veggies vertically as well as horizontally.

The sky-high urban farm will beat out its predecessor – also here in Chicago – Gotham Greens, which has more than 75,000 feet of growing space.

There will also be places to sit, walk and hang out. We can’t wait to see this guy when it’s built!

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