SPOTLIGHT: What Is Biophilia and Why Does It Matter?

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What Is Biophilia and Why Does It Matter? | Biophilia is the idea that we are all drawn to other living things.


Do you love nature? You’re not alone; it’s in our blood.

If you’ve ever felt that automatic intake of breath upon looking out over a grand vista …

If you’ve ever felt a tear come to your eyes when the woods rain leaves down in fall …

If you’ve ever held a friend’s puppy and had the fleeting urge to kidnap it and move somewhere no one could ever find you

… then you might have a strong case of biophilia. (Or you might just be a sociopath, but that’s a different blog post.)

What Is Biophilia and Why Does It Matter? | Biophilia is not a new concept, but rather has been around for decades.What Is Biophilia?

Biophilic thinking isn’t new. First elucidated by Edward Osborne Wilson (better known as E. O. Wilson) in his book Biophilia, this is the idea that humans are innately drawn to connection with nature. More generally, we have a pull toward communing with life in general.

This explains many things, from our fascination (some would say morbid fascination) with zoos to our urge to ramble through the woods.

We hold that biophilia is a good thing, and that we should all give in to the urge as often as possible … and that starts right in your own backyard!

Want to talk gardens, green roofs or environmental stewardship? Get in touch and get your biophilia on today.




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