The Compost Story: Amazing Composting Benefits, According to the Stars

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The Compost Story: Amazing Composting Benefits, According to the Stars | Composting is the real deal, so you should start a composting system today.


Wondering why you should compost and if it’s really As Big a Thing as people say it is? The answer is yes, and Hollywood’s finest explain why.

Are you on the fence about composting benefits? Are you having a hard time getting over the motivation hump? Do you wonder if it’s really worth it?

If so, you’re not alone.

Composting is a practice as old as agriculture, but has lately fallen out of vogue. Despite the fact that most Americans say they would compost if it were convenient, even the in most impressive states no more than 20 percent of municipal waste gets composted.

But … but … you SHOULD compost! It’s amazing for the environment, creates the best possible soil and more.

Even the Hollywood stars rave about composting benefits. Don’t take our word for it, though. We’ll let them tell you.


So what do you think? Great video about compost benefits? Or greatest video about composting benefits of all time? We think you know.

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