How Regular Stewardship Revived a Failing Green Roof

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How Regular Stewardship Revived a Failing Green Roof | Church Street Station is the perfect example of what can happen with good stewardship.

With the right care, even a green roof in steep decline can be pulled back from the edge. That’s what happened with this beauty 10 years ago.


Church Street Station is a garden in the sky, but for several years it was an ailing garden. It received care, but was not being maintained to the client’s expectations, so Ecogardens was brought in to revitalize it. It’s been nearly a decade, and this roof is now one of our crown jewels.

The Roof at a Glancethe green roof at a glance

The Problems:

Given the combination of extensive and intensive green roof systems, along with amenity spaces, the roof had a lot of needs.

This green roof was failing predominantly due to an unsuitable maintenance plan. There was misunderstanding about plant needs and about the unique environmental challenges in a system such as this. Consequently, the roof suffered from a number of issues:

Green Roof Problems

Note that it’s normal to need a little green roof first aid once in a while, and it says nothing about former owners or designers that you might need to adjust the current stewardship approach. That said, it was time for this rooftop to get a revamp!

Green Roof First Aid to the Rescue!

When we’re brought in to save a green roof, or even to take over the stewardship contract, we immediately take a number of steps:

green roof stewardship first aid

We also discuss the client’s needs and expectations before we make a single move. This ensures that the “finished” product – and more importantly the ongoing life of the roof – matches their desires.

We took the roof from considerable decline to maximum health through:

We took the roof from considerable decline to maximum health

Also, we maintain the right mindset. We understand that we’re five stories up and everything we do affects or can affect the drainage or performance of the green roof system. This isn’t a garden on the ground, and we need to treat it as such.

Today, We Take a Natural Approach to Stewardship

We let each roof we steward dictate the exact steps we take, modifying as well to follow the seasons. Our methods include, but aren’t limited to:

stewardship methods

This last factor is especially important. Now that our client has relaxed their expectations for the turfgrass especially, we can aim for a more natural system rather than a golf course lawn filled with chemicals.

The Numbers, Today

Not impressed yet? Check out these figures:

The effects of stewardship

The Benefits of a Healthy Green Roof

Wondering why regular stewardship is so important? Beyond a lush and beautiful environment, you will also:

The benefits of a healthy green roof

Would you like to learn more about revitalizing or installing a rooftop garden of your own? Our team at Ecogardens is happy to help!  All you have to do is get in touch, here.


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